Switzerland Tour Budget Guide

Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you, especially for traveller lovers, that the great and beautiful city of Switzerland where everybody wants to go. I am going to tell you a lot of things about Switzerland for your knowledge and easy travel. Switzerland is in  Europe and its capital is Bern. 

 The neighbouring country of Switzerland is Italy, France, Germany and Australia. The population of Switzerland is around 86 lakhs. Most of the people believe in Christianity in Switzerland. 

The languages spoken here is  Swiss, German,  Italian and French. Switzerland is considered the most costly city in the world. Switzerland’s currency is swiss France. The clock time of Switzerland runs  3 hours behind to India.

Zurich is a very big city compared to other cities. But the Bern is made the capital of Switzerland.  Zurich is the best and largest city of Switzerland, So people like to visit here.  Zurich is the largest airport. You can get the Flight from Delhi to Zurich which costs a round trip up to 35 thousand and takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Zurich. Switzerland is a very famous city in European countries and every Indian tourist likes to visit here. More than  3 lakhs tourists visit every year. If you want to travel to Switzerland,  It is very necessary to have a visa, for which you will have to take a Schengen visa.  The cost of this visa is around  72 hundred rupees.

There are so many tourist places in Switzerland. I am going to tell you about some beautiful and popular tourist places.

#1.The Matterhorn Peak –  This is a very beautiful place cover with ice In winter many people come for skiing here, whereas in summer people come for hiking climbing and biking. Its hight is 4470 place meter It is nearby Italy Border.

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#2. Interlaken – you will be very happy to see it’s beauty. It is a small town. There is a Bronze statue of  Indian Film Director Yash Chopra because the *Dil Wale Dulhania lay Jainge* 

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Film shooting was done here. There are lots of resorts, lakes, and mountains surrounding it. , You can also plan a day trip from here to Zurich which costs around rupees 7.50 thousand. You can use the Vego app for booking the cheap Hotel and Flights at a very lower price.

#3.Lucerne – This place is only 52-kilometres from Zurich. and it is known as the starting point of going around to the Different Places in Switzerland.

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There is a lake in Lucerne and the historical houses here will attract you, You can see the beauty of Switzerland here as well as the historical place of it. There are some famous places, like  Chapel Bridge which was built in the 14th century. you can go from Zurich to Lucerne a day trip plan which costs around 5000 Rupees.

#4. Lake Geneva- Lake Geneva is the largest lake which is situated in the mountains of Europe.

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It is on the border of Switzerland and France, you can see the beautiful view of the snow-capped mountain from here itself. There are some resorts and you can do some adventure activities also.

#5.The Rhine Falls – You can go to the Rhine Falls from Zurich  The distance from  Zurich to Rhine Falls is 47 Km. Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe.

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This is not only for looking but you can boating also. There is also Adventure Park here. You can also stay overnight here, From Zurich, to Rhine Falls a day trip costs around 6 thousand rupees.

#6. Swiss National Park –

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This park was established in 1914, This national park will give you a different experience in Switzerland because this park is spread over 170 square kilometres and around 80 kilometres of hawking route. you can see the animals and can also stay here.

#7. Jungfraujoch- It is called  Top of Europe also,  it is included UNESCO World heritage sites also.

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Reaching Jungfraujoch itself is an exciting journey, where you can reach great height mountains by train. You can reach here seeing with greenery and covering with a snow mountain on the way. After reaching the observation Terrace you will find yourself some different feelings from other than the world, If you take a day trip from Jürich to Jungfraujoch, you have to pay around 20 thousand Rupees, Apart from these, places there is a lot of lakes in Switzerland, and you will also like the Zurich City and the Burn City.

Switzerland has many options for transportation, such as taxi, train, bus, ship, ferry, cable car, and tramp. Here, the taxi meter starts from 7 Swiss Franc that means 600 Rupees in Indian currency.  You have to pay 5 to 6 franc in every kilometre that means 400 Rupees. . By the way, you will mostly like to use the train to travel in Switzerland,  because the train connectivity is very good, also it goes up to the high mountains. You can take Swiss Travel Pass for train travels, which is valid for 3 to 15 days. The speciality about this pass is that you can also travel by train, bus tram and boat. And this pass can be used for free entry to many museums also. If you want to travel by train in 1st class which costs around 30 thousand Rupees for 3 days and for 2nd class 20 thousand Rupees   If you buy for more days ticket you will be given more discount. If you take a hotel, you have to pay around 7  to 15 thousand for a single night. There are many homestay and Apartments available here which costs 3 to 5 thousands Rupees per night for 2 Adults    If you take a plate of food here, then it will cost 2000 thousand to 3000 rupees.  And if you take lentils, it costs more than 1500 Rs. The best month for tourist lovers to visit Switzerland in June to September. It is the best time to visit  Switzerland.

Budget of Switzerland for 10 days

The approximate expenditure  for 10 days per person is as under

  • Hotel – 50000
  • Meals – 40000
  • Transport – 50000
  • Entry Fee – 20000
  • Flight – 32000
  • Visa – 7200 
  • Other expenses – 10000,(Sim card, currency exchange and including parking etc.)

Approximate Per Person Cost for 10 Days 209200 it may increase or decrease

 If you want to take Package from India to Switzerland for 7 Days with 6 Nights which costs around Rs1,20000 –  It includes Hotel, Flight, Breakfast and with 8 days Travel Pass  But lunch dinner charges are excluded, You have to pay separately.

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